I feel myself among few blessed ones who chance to get highly established & helping college seniors. It’s my seniors’ enormous support and inspirations those made this Leathersoft project to come alive. Through these supports only new & required features have been added to make it compatible with the industry.
One of the added new features is “figuring out the chemical costing per square feet of the whole leather surface area”.

1. Chemical Database : While incorporating “Leathersoft” in your leather making process, as usual, you will build up your own chemical categories and chemicals database along with their prices.

leather costing per sq ft

2. Final Process : While computing the final process for your crust leather or wet blue out of your saved chemicals one additional field is served to you and that is the sq. ft of your total leather surface area. During developing the whole process you have to mention the sq. ft. at stipulated box and the total chemical cost and cost per sq. ft. will be automatically calculated.

Incorporation of online leather making process that automatically calculates the total chemical cost and the cost per sq. ft. of the leather