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Why Leathersoft Can Make A Leather Technologist’s Life Easy

Excepting beamhouse and finishing operations the most elaborate & tedious part of leather making is its crusting process. Multitude of chemicals are incorporated in diversified combinations to give birth to variety of leather types. Above everything documentation of these enormous quantity of generated processes used for experimentation is another big concern for Leather Technologists. Leathersoft brings a very easy solution to this tedious process.
Why A Leather Technologist Needs Leathersoft
1. For calculation and documentation of leather crusting process one can easily use a spread sheet. But maintaining a huge chemical database for an individual is not a practical proposition using a spread sheet. Accessing the database as well as your processes in required format over internet from anywhere is another challenge. You can argue that “Google Drive” can be used for personal account and creating the spread sheet involving all the calculations and may be by maintaining the chemical database too. But its learning process is steep. Leathersoft is giving you a ready solution for the whole thing.
2. Leathersoft can be your personal office anywhere. On registering an account you are getting to maintain a whole chemical database of your own and which is never accessible to anybody else. Not only the chemicals but the categories those chemicals belong to also can easily be maintained by you. You are only adding the required wet blue weight. Then just by calling those chemicals in a drop down from your own database and mentioning the percentages your whole crusting process and the chemical costing is ready.


3. Documentation is on your finger tips. After your crusting process is ready, save your process & hit the export button. There you are. Soft copy of your processĀ  is ready as pdf file.

How To Use Leathersoft.co.in For Preparing Leather Crusting Process

Leathersoft is an online tool to prepare & document leather crusting and pre-tanning process carried out in drum and to figure out the chemical costing for that. The following video depicts how to use Leathersoft.co.in for preparing & documenting leather crusting process.